5 Things to Pack for a Spring Vacation

The trick: keep it light

Chronic overpacking syndrome. It’s a real affliction we just made up. Its symptoms commonly include larger-than-necessary luggage, three different sweaters “just in case” and two books. (Put down the second book. You’re barely going to read the first one.) So we’ve made it easy for you. Here are the five things you need to pack for a successful spring break.

1. The Mesh Polo

They’re lightweight. They work for both business and casual. Our mesh polo is a good match. We call it a $29.50 air conditioner because if it were any cooler, we’d give it a wind-chill factor.

Lands' End - it's all about the right shorts

2. Shorts

Don’t fear the shorts. Sure, you should pack a pair of pants, but you’re going to want something that’ll keep you feeling free and cool. A pair of cotton chinos is the way to go.

Lands' End - can't forget about cotton shirts

3. Cotton shirt

A button-up is an obvious addition, and one made of cotton is a much better choice than a man-made fabric like polyester. Pick something short-sleeved with a broken-in feel.

Lands' End - our classic lightweight squall

4. Squall

You want something that’s not going to take up a lot of room in your suitcase. Because you hope you’ll never have to use it. But should bad weather strike on your trip, pack something lightweight, water-resistant and durable. (We’re partial to our Squall® jacket. But we’re biased.)

Lands' End shorts - sun-smart swim gear

5. Sun-smart swim gear

If you plan on spending lots of time in the sun, you want as much protection as possible. Hats are good. Sunscreen, too. But a long-sleeve shirt with built-in UPF 50 protection – that’s your golden ticket. Now where could you find something like that…

6. Duffel bag

We know what the title says, but “Five things to pack for spring break and one thing to pack them in” doesn’t have quite the same ring.