6 Employees Share Their Favorite Memories About Their Fathers

In the spirit of Father's Day, we asked a few employees to share what their dad means to them.

Dads are a funny bunch. (At least they think so.) They do a lot for us as kids that we often don’t appreciate until we’ve grown-up. (You know, once we have things like perspective and our own cell phone plan.) So to show our appreciation for dads on their special day, we asked a few Lands’ End employees to share their favorite father-child photos and memories. Here’s to all the dads out there.

Alexandra Werner, Associate Art Director
My favorite memories with Dad were at our cabin on Elbow Lake in Cook, Minnesota. Whether it was teaching me how to skunk my brother in a cribbage game or how to hold a Northern Pike without losing a finger, he has been, and always will be, full of knowledge that I just can’t get enough of. He’s also genuine and selfless. No matter how long he’s known someone, he’s the first to strike up a conversation, offer a helping hand, or invite you over for dinner.

Sara Triggs, Associate Web Art Director
My sisters and I have many great childhood memories of hopping on the 4-wheeler with our Dad and riding around the family farm. He taught us to treat everyone with respect and work hard.

Eric Schoenherr, Customer Experience Manager
There are a few things that came through on family vacations – his preparedness, his ability to think on the fly, his enjoyment of the finer things in life, his ability to embarrass the hell out of us, and his love for his family. He also showed us what kind of husband to be ­­– flowers for no reason, calls home while traveling, a kiss coming in the door – reminders to show our gratitude.

Wendy Bakken, Photography Art Director
Garth Brooks has been a favorite of my dad and mine since he started. Dad always had a tape or CD in his truck. I realized recently that life is short, so I decided that gifts to my dad from now on will be things we do together. So we went to see Garth Brooks in concert in Chicago. It brought me back to days of being young and spending time with him. We both sang the whole time knowing every single word. I had goosebumps and tears rolling down my face. I loved seeing him so carefree and having a blast with him. I’ll never forget that night.

Alex Kirwan, Menswear Merchant
We took a family vacation to Victoria, BC one summer when I was in high school. My dad and I saw a place to rent scooters and couldn’t resist. The gentleman helping with the rentals encouraged us to cruise along the coast and explore. He had only one rule: do not take them on the highway. On our way back to return the scooters we ended up on a two lane road and noticed that the speed of traffic was picking up – which we realized was because we were on the highway. We ducked down to reduce drag and took our scooters full speed (roughly 40 MPH) to the first break in the median where we were able to turn around. We ended up fine, but the thought of the two of us tourists buzzing side by side down the highway on scooters still makes me laugh to this day.

Ali Klunick, Art Director
We call my dad the “Friendly Wisconsinite” because of his ability to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, about anything. My favorite memories are any time we’ve spent at our family’s tiny cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin. Being in nature is sacred to my dad and he passed that on to my siblings and me. I’ll always feel grounded if I spend some time by water or walking in the woods. Our summers are filled with boating, swimming, canoeing, campfires and hiking through state parks. Winters are spent snowshoeing, skiing and lounging by the wood stove. Laughs are shared across every season.

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