6 Travel Tips for a Successful Family Vacation

Six family bloggers spill their secrets on how to keep the peace when traveling with kids.

Sitting on a plane, riding in a car, waiting in security lines… all of them can be hard to master with children. So, with July and August being the biggest months for family travel, we spoke to six family travel bloggers about their secrets to a (mostly) stress-free family vacation.

1. “It’s possible for a family of four to travel with only carry-ons. Let go of the idea that you need to pack things ‘just in case.’ Instead, pack just the essentials. Put all of your ‘just in case’ items in a separate pile. Pack essentials in your carry on, then cherry pick a few items that’ll fit from the ‘just in case’ pile.”
Barefoot Nomad

2. “Sit down as a family and talk about your trip. Grab some tourist brochures or magazines or look online at your destinations. The best way to get your kids interested and excited is to involve them in the process. You can even call it a project. Kids love projects.”
Y Travel

3. “Since we’re all about clean living on the move, it’s important to eat healthy snacks to maintain energy. Fresh fruits and vegetable sticks are obvious choices, but don’t forget about trail mixes with things like almonds, cashews and dried apricots. You can even throw in some dark chocolate nibs for good measure!”
Healthy Kids Travel

4. “Kids love structure. Yes, it’s fun to adventure and take excursions, but if your kids are used to napping or certain quiet times, don’t take that away from them. Everyone’s in a better mood when they’re rested.”
It’s a Necessity

5. “Consistency is key when it comes to great sleep, especially for babies and toddlers. The best way to ensure your little one will sleep well on the road is to create a familiar sleep environment. So if they use a crib, bring a pack and play, or if they sleep with a stuffed animal or white noise machine – bring it!”
Baby Can Travel

6. “This is for long car trips. Kids can get messy. Raisins and crumbs in seat creases. After a few days the back seat can look like a warzone. Take an old sheet, cut holes in it for the seat belts, and place it on the back seat. It’ll save your seats from markers, crumbs and spills. Just throw it in the washing machine every once in a while.”
Travel with Bender