Seven Ways to Make Kids Feel Special on Their First Day Back to School

Mother and blogger Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog tells us some unique ways to make kids feel great about going back to school.

Words by Vera Sweeney

The first day of school is a special time for families. Sometimes kids are excited to head back to the classroom, sometimes they’re remiss to leave carefree summer days behind. Either way parents are eager to get some structure back into their lives!

Every season, our family celebrates by doing a few special things for the kids. Whether it’s a first day of school birthday buffet or a walkway filled with best wishes for the new students, we ensure that our little ones head onto the bus with smiles on their faces. Here are some easy tips you can use to help make the first day of school in your home just a bit more special this year.

1. Gratitude Notes: When packing their lunches, slip in a simple message like “Can’t wait to hear about your first day!” Let them know how excited you are for them on their big day. It helps to show support from start to finish.

2. Matching outfits: This one works especially well for younger kids. Pick an item of clothing the night before the big day that you can both wear as your “back to school shirt.” Maybe you both wear a white tee or maybe your outfits both have stripes. It shows them solidarity and that you’re in this together.

3. A Walkway to Remember: Get up a bit earlier than your crew and head outside to draw a few designs on your driveway. Think inspirational quotes or funny family sketches. Anything to make your kids smile. It’s all about getting them in a great mood as they head to school that day.

4. Breakfast Buffet: Normally, mornings are quick and easy in my house. But the first day of school is different. The kitchen table is filled with options – and they are all their favorites! Eggs, bacon, pancakes and hash browns. And of course, coffee for me.

5. Surprises: Don’t forget about when they come home from school. I like to surprise them by putting a bunch of balloons behind their bedroom door. This trick works well for birthdays too.

6. Study Station: While your children are at school, set up an official study station for them to return home to and enjoy. Organization doesn’t always come easy for kids, so give them a head start. Think about colorful containers and labels to add a bit of brightness to the area.

7. DIY Fun: You’ll certainly want to hear about your child’s first day. Set up a craft for something fun and lowkey. They’ll start telling you about everything that happened without you even needing to ask. Then date the work so you can both look back at the end of the year.

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