8 Men’s Spring Essentials

Lightweight sweaters and jackets that you shouldn’t go without

It’s times for spring cleaning. Pick up your gloves, heavy jackets and snow pants. Place them in your winter bin. Joyfully tuck it all away never to be seen again. (For the next 6 to 8 months.)

Now we set our sights on clothing that makes us think of cool breezes and crisp mornings—spring essentials. This year we have eight classic items in neutral colors with timeless appeal. Outfit yourself with these and you’ll be prepared all season long.

1. Serious Sweats™

We dare you to hold up one of our sweatshirts next to one of any other brand. You’ll see and feel the difference in what (totally real and not made-up) scientists call “the plush factor.” Ours are thicker, softer and hold up longer than anything else in the game. That’s a promise.

2. Super-T Mock

The turtleneck gets so much negative press. You know who wore a turtleneck? One of the Bond men himself, Sean Connery. And it wouldn’t kill any of us to look a little more like him. Our mock is made from the same stuff as our Super-T™, so it has a bit of weight without sacrificing softness. It also resists fading, pilling and shrinking. We are quite confident you can, as we say, rock the mock.

3. Mariner Sweater Tee

Our Mariner Sweater Tee is a requirement for any man on deck (and a good excuse to get off land). It’s a lightweight shirt that can be worn on its own or as a layer. It’s also dyed with a technique called “space dying,” ensuring that there’s a slight variation in every tee, meaning no two are the exact same. Like a fingerprint you can wear.

4. Bedford Rib Pullover

This is the softest, most comfortable pullover we’ve offered in years. Layer it over a t-shirt or dress shirt and leave it unzipped for a little edge. It’s also hefty without being bulky, so feel free to wear it as a jacket as you see fit.

5. Lightweight Squall Jacket

Ah, the Squall®. It’s a Lands’ End mainstay. But this season it gets an update with a lighter-weight polyester mesh lining, while still being as water­- and wind-resistant as ever. Ocean breeze and spray don’t stand a chance.

6. No Iron Twill Shirt

No one likes wrinkles. (We’re talking clothes here.) But fear not, the no-iron finish on our No Iron twill shirt keeps it wrinkle-free for a full 30 washes. And it’s made from 100% lightly brushed twill cotton so it’ll stay soft for… well, forever.

7. Fenwick Reversible Mac

The Fenwick is reversible so you can wear it with its neutral or navy side showing, depending on your mood or outfit. Owning one of these raincoats is like owning two. (Except it takes up less room in your closet.)  Plus, its lightweight fabric and simple silhouette give it a timeless look and feel, which means you’ll wear it for many springs to come.

8. Lightweight Chino Suit Separates

Donning a black or navy suit on a sunny day, even a relatively cool spring one, is not fun. Frankly, it feels awful just thinking about it. But here’s a way to lighten up and stay sharp while keeping comfortable: a lightweight chino blazer and a pair of trousers. You’ll want to wear them in some fashion all season long.