Break Room: Kurt Kravchuk

Favorite app? Good reads? Beatles or Stones? Find out what makes the minds at Lands' End tick.

This is the Break Room. You know the break room. The place where employees gather to hear the gossip of the day, dish on what music they’re listening to, and talk about which of their bosses are the best. (…Right?)

Today we hear from Kurt D. Kravchuk.  We’ll let him fill you in on the rest.



Vice President – Operations

Perfect Sunday morning.

Kickin’ back on my deck with a coffee (black) enjoying time with my lovely bride (Marie).

Favorite Lands’ End product. Why?

Jeans: design, comfort and fit. Second and third best: plaid button down No Iron shirts and a matching sweater vest.

Last thing you listened to. Tell us about it.

The Dan Patrick Show podcast (during my morning commute). It’s filled with anecdotes about sports and entertainment in the “Man-Cave” with the Danettes.

Best thing you’ve read recently. (Be it book, article, or the back of the cereal box.)

Patrick Lencioni’s The Three Signs of a Miserable Job. An exceptional read providing introspective insight for leaders to engage and motivate their teams as well as find fulfillment in their own respective careers.

Your happy place.

45-minute early morning walkabout with my black lab (a boy named Sue).

Talent you wish you had.

Rhythm. Need to improve my ability to dance and not embarrass my bride.

If I had a million dollars, I’d…

Sponsor and coach a local youth lacrosse program.

Beatles or Stones?

The Rolling Stones

Movie you’ve watched 100 times.

Legends of the Fall

Go-to karaoke tune.

“L.A. Woman” – The Doors

Advice for your childhood self.

Treat others with respect and enjoy the moment!

What the world needs now is…


Bucket list destination.

My future home by a lake in a four-season environment.