Lands’ End Labs

We asked some honest-to-goodness and totally real scientists to put our finest garments to the test. The results are pretty conclusive...

Here’s a series called Lands’ End Lab, wherein we put a few of our most coveted items to the test. Now, we do have actual labs where we employ actual science, like testing the temperature rating of our outerwear, running our knitwear durability tests and hand-checking the quality of our fabrics. But those labs were busy doing… you know, real work.

So we brought in the subs and let these top-notch scientists use totally legitimate science to see how our clothes hold up in the real world.

ClassMate® Backpack
Test subject #112 shows us which holds more stuff: a Lands’ End ClassMate® Backpack or “the other guy’s” backpack.

System Squall® Shell.
Test subject #401 shows us which keeps you drier: the Lands’ End System Squall® Shell or “the other guy’s” jacket.

Eco-Friendly Shaker turtleneck
The LE scientists show us which is softer: the eco-friendly Shaker turtleneck or… a puppy. It’s a tough call.

Expedition Parka
Test subject #341 is put through the ringer to show us how the Lands’ End Expedition Parka holds up in the cold compared to “the other guy’s” jacket.

Knockabout Chinos
Test subject #163 shows us which is a better fit: the Lands’ End Knockabout Chinos or “the other guy’s” chinos.

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Women's Expedition Down Parka

Created with a seam-sealed waterproof shell and insulated with HyperDRY down, this jacket will keep you warm down to 35 degrees below zero.

Backpacks and Lunch Boxes

Our backpacks and lunch boxes come in tons of fun colors, sizes and styles. You're guaranteed to find the right one for your little one.

Men's Squall System Shell

This windproof and waterproof transitional jacket is lightweight and made to zip together with our 800 down jacket or T200 fleece vest for a superjacket unbeatable in the elements.