The No Iron Oxford

We dubbed ourselves the “King of the Oxfords” in 1984. But we’d been making them long before that.

We dubbed ourselves the “King of the Oxfords” in 1984. But we’d been making them long before that. We introduced our very first all-cotton Oxford in 1977. At the time, it was a pretty tough shirt to find. Synthetic “no iron” blends had taken the market by storm; in fact, the all-cotton Oxford was all but extinct. Until we brought it back.

The writers of the day described our ’77 oxford buttondown as having “that same generous cut,” along with the “comfortable, absorbent cotton fabric of the past – and not least of all the button down style that for many of us is too practical to give into fashion of the moment.”

They defended its lack of “no iron” features in competing blended fabrics, saying, “No denying it, they have to be ironed to look right. But, if you’re looking for a change from synthetics to the cool comfort of cotton, it’s well worth it.”

Well, it’s not 1977 anymore. Things have changed. For starters, as much as we’d love to offer it, a true quality oxford shirt simply can’t be had for $17.50. In fact, just accounting for inflation, we should be selling the same shirt for nearly $70 today. And many of our competitors are. But we’re not. The No Iron Oxford starts at just $49.50. And here’s the best part: it’s made just as well and packs in more features than ever.

What sorts of features, you ask? For starters, we’ve reevaluated our stance on the “generous cut.” We know our customers have unique tastes – and bodies – which is why we now offer tailored and slim fits in addition to the “generous” traditional. And just like when we launched it, the No Iron Oxford comes in your exact neck and sleeve sizes. So finding the perfect-fitting shirt has never
 been easier.

We didn’t stop there, however. We still agree with our ’77 stance that all-cotton comfort can’t be beat. But now, we make it with even better cotton. You may have heard of it. It’s called Supima®, and it’s the cream of the cotton crop-grown right here in the U.S.A., with strength and softness that’s unrivaled.

And though it took us nearly three decades (all the way until 2004), we finally mastered the technique of crafting a pure cotton shirt that’s wrinkle-free straight from the dryer, no iron needed. We call it (appropriately) our No Iron finish, and it gives you the benefits of those popular synthetic blends without compromising the fabric’s comfort, give or breathability.

And it turns out we were right about one thing: you still love the practicality of the buttondown collar, a mainstay from the very start, along with other great tailoring features like two-button adjustable cuffs, a mitered yoke that actually lets you flex your shoulders, a seven-button placket that closes the gap, and buttons that if you were to try to break, we’d simply say, “Good luck” (’cause they’re made from the same material as bowling balls).

But, of course, if you do manage to break them, you can rest easy. Because the No Iron Oxford is Guaranteed. Period.® Just like it’s been from the start, nearly 40 years ago.

And that’s a feature that never gets old.

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