One Dress, Five Ways: the Sleeveless Dress

Dress season is upon us. We took one of our favorite dresses and styled it five different ways so you could wear it in whatever weather gets thrown your way.

We started with one item, the sleeveless pleated dress. It’s made from georgette fabric, which is so light and silky it makes for a great spring dress all on its own. But sometimes it rains. Or it’s windy. Or you’re in movie theater. (Why are they all so cold?) In short: sometimes it’s just not the right time to wear a dress no matter how badly you want to. To which we said—challenge accepted. And styled it five different ways so it could be worn any time, any day this spring.

1. Over A Tee

It’s so simple, it’s almost too simple. It’s great for days where the sun is shining. We used our short-sleeve cashmere sweater. (You could use a t-shirt in a pinch.) Then roll up the sleeves and tie a sweater around your waist for when the day gets cool.

2. With A Cardigan

It’s a classic look. Lightweight or chunky, there’s no wrong sweater for this combo. Then add a silk scarf as a bandana, tied in your hair or wrapped around your wrist.

3. Military-Style

Wear it with a lightweight jacket and blouse like our short-sleeve eyelet blouse, which adds a nice texture. Roll up the sleeves and toss on some open-toed shoes.

4. With A Turtleneck

This is great for colder nights. We chose a striped turtleneck, but yours can be solid. (We’ll allow it.) Then put a denim jacket over that and pop your collar.

5. Under A Blazer

This outfit will take you from the office to dinner with friends. Wear a belt or tie a wrap around your middle to break up the white and carry a bag that adds a pop of color.

Photographs by Daniel Peter