Seven Fresh Spring Cleaning Ideas

Out-of-the-box ideas to keep your home clean and clutter-free.

From living room to bedroom to bathroom, keeping things tidy can seem overwhelming. So we put together a list of easy-to-do ideas that’ll bring you a more organized and beautiful sanctuary.

1. Hang dry your sheets

There’s no denying the convenience of a dryer. But the benefits of hanging your sheets to dry are twofold. One: it saves electricity (and, thus, helps you minimize your environmental footprint). Two: you know how a spring breeze smells amazing? Imagine your sheets smells like that. Pretty great, right?

2. Give your room a facelift

Of course, natural light is the best way to give your room a calming vibe. But sometimes that’s just not possible. Instead, keep colors light or pastel. And choose an airy fabric like linen for places where the sun don’t shine, like windowless bathrooms or dimly lit basements.

3. Separate blankets

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Which often leads to midnight tug o’ wars with your partner in a battle for the blankets. Do what they do in Scandinavia: swap your queen or king for two twin-sized duvets. We may have just saved a marriage…

4. Sometimes more is more

Bored of your bed? Add layers. Think beyond top sheet and comforter. Add blankets, decorative pillows or throws to make it look like it was pulled straight from our catalog.

5. Organize and de-clutter

Want to make your accent pieces (artwork, plants, signed Mickey Mantle baseball) shine? The first step is to reduce clutter and give them the visual space they deserve. Solutions like our seagrass and canvas storage keeps odds and ends accessible but out of sight.

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6. Give kids’ rooms a theme

The best way to give the kids’ room a fun, well designed look: pick a theme. Nautical is an easy one: start with stripes, add some seagrass storage, and toss in a few iconic props (like a life preserver, world map or ship’s wheel). This is particularly easy if you live on a houseboat.

7. Think beyond your name

Sure, you can monogram your towels with a name or initials. And that’s great. But why not get creative? Think outside the box. Write “makeup” on a dark towel. Or “hands” and “face” on white ones. Or maybe your towel’s name is “Voltron” now.

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