The Tote: Deconstructed

Take a look inside to appreciate the difference

In the beginning, our business was outfitting racing sailors. And in an early catalog, we offered a canvas Tote for “beach, boat and beyond.” It became so popular that a legend was born.

Since then, the tote has helped our customers carry everything from beach towels to bricks—it was even used as a towline and sea anchor. We continued to tweak the Tote, and even made updates suggested by customers, making it stronger, softer and sturdier.

Our tote will stand up against any competition… and anyone who tries to knock it down (thanks to its flat-seamed base). Guaranteed. Period.®

Lands' End - what makes up our classic tote bag

What makes our tote so great? Let’s take a look…

Canvas Cotton: our 24-ounce cotton “batter-proof” canvas looks better and feels softer than the competition.

Base: sturdy, reinforced seams gives our tote a tip-proof base that’s water-resistant.

Key Fob: search no more. Every tote comes with an internal key fob with secure clip.

Zipper: the zippers are durable and snag-proof—if you choose to have one, that is.

Straps: reinforced, rip-resistant straps can be worn on the shoulder or held in your hand. In some styles, longer handles are also available.