Three Spring-Ready Polos

Not all polos are created equal...

Spring is here. It’s time to shed your winter layers and welcome with open arms the genius and practicality of a polo shirt. Embrace the short sleeves, the intellectual look of the collar, the breezy and—

Wait. Wait. We always do that—wax poetic when we talk about polos. It’s just that we feel so strongly about them. It’s probably because we have such a great variety. And they’re the perfect top for the season from their mesh fabrics, to their comfortable fits, to their—

Sorry. We did it again. Just… here are our three favorite spring-ready polos.

Supima Polo

This is our softest polo because it’s made from fine, American-grown cotton. We also added a collar stand to help keep its shape, which means you can get away with wearing it under a blazer at the office.

Land's End mesh polo

Mesh Polo

When most people think of a polo, they think of the mesh. But ours is a little different. It’s softer than you think thanks to a pre-wash that gives it a broken-in feel. And it’s designed to be lightweight and breezy for comfortable airflow. We call it our $29.50 air conditioner.

Jersey Polo

It has the look of a polo, but the fit and feel of your favorite worn-in t-shirt (without the faded REO Speedwagon logo). Pair it with shorts, slacks or a pair of dark jeans.