A Visual Journey to Sequoia National Forest

Images by Brian Higbee. Words by Brian Higbee as told to our editor.

I’ve always loved the outdoors. I grew up in Rhode Island along the ocean, which gave me the opportunity for adventures: biking, skateboarding, snowboarding or getting out in the woods or on the beach to camp.

I moved out to Los Angeles ten years ago to pursue photography, and all the places I dreamed of exploring — the Sierras, the Mojave Desert, Death Valley — were now so much closer.

I also acquired an off-road SUV that allowed me to get to places where most others couldn’t. The excursions offer a quiet break from the hustle of LA and being on set.

On this trip, I headed out to camp in Sequoia National Forest with friends. We hit the road with our playlist on and drove into the mountains. After a day of exploration, we ended up at camp in Kennedy Meadows where we started a fire, had dinner, and roasted some of the biggest marshmallows I’d ever seen for dessert.