How to Wear White Pants in Any Season

With the passing of Labor Day, we asked style blogger and Instagrammer Robin Van Crabb to show us how she breaks the rules and wears white pants all year round.

Words and Images by Robin Van Crabb.

Some still live by the rule that white pants are only meant for Memorial Day through Labor Day. But rules are meant to be broken. I say keep your white pants at the top of the drawer and let me show you a way to style them for every season.

Summer is the easiest month to style white pants. They’ll go with virtually anything you have in your closet. They complement your brighter clothing and contrast your darker pieces. I personally love pairing navy and white together then adding a pop of color like a vibrant pair of shoes or a bold handbag. Styling white pants in the summer is basically foolproof.

Autumn brings rich tones and textures that are only enhanced by the contrast of white pants. Layering is key. Opt for thicker sweaters, darker accessories and a warm jacket. As for shoes, wear leather boots or loafers. Avoid brighter colors to make your white pants look fitting for the cooler season.

While everyone else pulls out the blacks, blues and darker hues for their winter wardrobe, white pants are the stylish outlier. It looks fresh and bright in an otherwise subdued color season. Pair them with heavier fabrics like wool or a heavy flannel or buffalo check. Boots are a great way to make that seasonal distinction by helping to balance out the layers on top.

This is one of my favorite seasons to wear white, but most people miss out because they follow the old rule of waiting until Memorial Day to wear them. Pastels, florals and other springtime colors and prints look bright and beautiful with white pants. A lightweight cardigan in a vivid color looks crisp and clean against white pants. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and make your own rules as you wear white pants year round.